I enjoy pushing the boundaries in my practice and processes involved in painting, especially, in terms of materiality. Using unconventional materials that are traditionally associated with women’s craft, I disrupt the square foundation or canvas, which I see as masculine. Cindy Nemser says “feminism is the gateway to humanism” and insists that women creating art today is a feminist act in itself. Identifying as a woman myself, in this body of work I aim to heighten the presence of women and femininity by elevating women’s craft materials into the patriarchal loaded history of painting.

During the process of creating these raw and perfectly flawed works of art, I rip, tear, and sew into the male canvas, and I later adhere tulle, thread, porcelain clay, and other materials used in event planning for women which I later form into abstract and subtle representations of female internal and external anatomy. The process is very nontraditional, however, It is still painting, defined by me.  The history of women creating tapestries and dresses in a communal setting is very empowering to me, and I see the act of sewing and collaging of fabrics into constructed objects to be small aggressive acts, although they are subtle.

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Oil Paint and Mixed Mediums on Canvas.

5Ft X 6Ft