5 Young Artists Celebrated

Five young artists who have contributed over the summer to the Nina Haggerty have been celebrated…

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Artwalk Rocks the Block

This is Elevate’s third season as an ArtWalk spot. Who would have thought a lifestyle fashion shop would have so much going on in the way of art promotion and appreciation? Not that their styles on the rack aren’t beautiful (and functional) enough already, but there are two artists who will be the guests of honour this month.

Landscape photographer and amateur storm chaser Jeff Wallace will have a modest selection of some immodestly sized images. Seven-foot prints look incredible, and the pictures aren’t bad either, he noted tongue in cheek. He has always harboured a long love for the prairies and the night skies, and these pieces will demonstrate that in spades.

Then there’s Courtney Standing, the singer-slash-painter whose works are inspired by nature, spirituality and the human figure.

“With some of my abstract paintings, I’m inspired by energy and healing,” she said, noting that she has been studying Reiki and is interested in getting a master’s…

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Daffodil Holds Off-Whyte Hold Over

“With so many talented artists, it can be hard to enjoy all the art in one short weekend. So, in 2011, we created a holdover show to allow a select few to display their work with us once the hustle and bustle of the weekend is over. This year we couldn’t limit the show to 13 as we had originally intended and added a couple of extra for a total of 15 artists.”

In addition to Shulba, the list of participating artists includes Meghan MacMillan, Garvin Chinnia, Vivian Dere, Heidi Erisman, Kari Fell, Gordon R. Johnston, Trueman Macdonald, Kay McCormack, Oksana Movchan, Maria Pace-Wynters and Courtney Standing.

There were also three artists selected as the winners of the People’s Choice: Anna Nilson, Norma Reyes and Anastasia Greenberg…

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